Complications in Pregnancy

When Things Go Wrong During Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is an exciting opportunity for women, but in some cases, this can call for certain complications. Many things can go wrong during pregnancy. You can even have certain medical conditions which may not allow you to enjoy your pregnancy. The HCG test can have a positive result, but the pregnancy cannot be confirmed unless you go for ultrasound test. The ectopic pregnancy is a complicated pregnancy growth that takes place outside the uterus. They are not successful pregnancies though when the foetus starts growing. In the initial stage, the hormone test confirms the foetal formation but this kind of pregnancy can lead to a lot of problems later. You can find this out especially between the fourth and the tenth week of pregnancy.

Complications in Pregnancy

Complications in Pregnancy

Anemia can be another problem and result in a complicated pregnancy. The initial haemoglobin tests can detect the level of iron in your blood, and if it is at a severely low level you will be recommended strong dosage of iron tablets by the doctor. The iron is an important mineral for both you and your baby. Do not neglect the optimum intake of iron. Remember, your baby is drawing the vital nutrients that it requires from your body. The red blood cells help in the flow of oxygen, as well. Your baby needs an optimum level of red blood cells for its development. You need to be very careful about the diet. The pomegranate and dates are the two important sources for iron intake.

Many women suffer from the problem of placenta previa. This means that the baby is in low lying position. Doctors recommend women to be at bed rest during this time. They are even likely to go for a C-section delivery because of this. There are some of the lying positions that are shown by the mid wife to the would-be mothers to prevent this. Usually in the initial months placenta can be in a low position, but as the baby grows inside and the mother approaches towards the date of delivery, the placenta takes its position.

There are different kinds of pregnancy complications which can arise, in pregnancy, but you must keep a cool and handle them with positive hopes.

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