Diabetes pregnancy

The Gestational Diabetes Can be a Source of Concern

Many of the pregnant women are affected by the gestational diabetes. All people have their natural flow of insulin within their body which helps in, the normal metabolic functions of their body. During pregnancy, due to the large flow of hormones, the natural secretion of insulin is affected. This results in the occurrence of the gestational diabetes. The mother may need an external supply of insulin during the pregnancy. There are hormones which get involved within the placental growth, and this can actually block the hormonal growth of the pregnant mother. Due to the insulin resistance body can seldom secrete insulin through the natural process.
Pregnancy diabetes

Pregnacy diabetes

In the initial stages, the gestational diabetes do not affect the mother or the child’s health, but it takes a toll especially in the last trimester when the foetal growth is maximum. Insulin is then unable to cross the placenta like the other nutrients. If there is an extra glucose flow within the placenta, it can even lead to the problem of diabetes in foetus. When the energy level goes high in the baby than it is actually required, it accumulates fat in the infant’s body. This excess accumulation of fat in the baby leads to the problem of breathlessness after the baby is born.

The doctors now a day prescribes Glycomet or the other similar type of medicines to patients who have the tendency of gestational diabetes. The women who are on the heavier side of weighing scale are usually recommended taking these medicines. The planned diet, regular walks are advised to the women who have the gestational diabetes. It is an important problem; and therefore, it requires to be tackled in the initial stage, to avoid problem later. The growth of the baby is largely affected due to the diabetes factor. Women with the higher level of gestational diabetes should check their level of sugar in blood regularly in order to avoid any sort of complications.

If the diabetes is uncontrollable, it can even recommend taking the heavy dosage of insulin along with the regular diet. The blood pressures of the patients are also required to be looked after.

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