Making a Pregnancy Announcement: A Milestone in a Woman’s Life

When the HCG hormone test has a positive result, it is then that the woman steps at the journey of motherhood. Soon after, the would-be mother gets excited and tries sharing her new role. The gush of hormonal flow makes her even more emotional, and she really doesn’t realize that. You will probably first share the news with your partner. You can surprise him with sudden news. Both of you can perhaps be together while waiting for the results. After you are sure, you will probably share with your immediate family as well as some of the friends. The joy of pregnancy is best shared between you and your partner.

There are various creative ways to share your pregnancy news. You can send a small, informal note to your closed ones, and share the overwhelming. Klara says that for, quite some time, she and her husband looked forward to have a baby. They just couldn’t hold back their emotions when they came to know one summer morning that she was on her family way. Both of them cried in joy and hugged each other to relinquish the moment. After two to three days, Klara got upset when she noticed a little blood spotting. But later she was convinced that this blood loss is due to the plantation of embryo in the womb.

After three weeks, they went for the first ultrasound test and her husband Bren was really excited to hear the first heart beat of the foetus. They still didn’t share this news with any other person. After the fifth month, when her belly started growing, her friends got to know immediately. They were really happy for the couple. The first foetal movement had excited Klara, and she really didn’t understand that this was a movement. She started having unusual cravings for ice-creams and peanut butter. Her husband was supportive all along her pregnancy.

The pregnancy announcement was the joyous moment for this couple. They have been trying for seven years, and the attempts were in vain. Finally, Klara was really happy to find out that she was soon going to be a mother.

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