Pregnancy Vitamins Support the Mother and Foetus

When you begin your journey of motherhood, you are actually helping the growth of another human within your womb. This is simply an exciting experience for all the mothers. The minerals and vitamins recommended during this time works wonders for both the mother and the growing foetus. The vitamins and minerals that you obtain from food may not be sufficient and; therefore, supplementary options are needed to support your body. Just after, you come to know that you are pregnant, doctors recommend you to take folic acid regularly. The intake of folic acid helps in preventing the neural birth defect of the baby especially in the brain and spinal cord.
The neural birth defect can occur among the 28 days old foetus before some women actually get to be aware of their pregnancies. The modern doctors prescribe the intake of folic acid to the women who are planning for their pregnancy. There are many unplanned pregnancies that occur and; therefore, they cannot take the folic acid dosage at the appropriate time. The first 12 weeks are crucial for the development of nerves. The folic acid is recommended for the first trimester. The woman who already has a history of a child born with a neural defect should decide the dosage of folic acid with the doctor while planning for the second pregnancy.
Pregnancy Vitamins Support the Mother and Foetus

Pregnancy Vitamins Support the Mother and Foetus

The natural sources of folic acid should also be incorporated in the diet. The green leafy vegetables, beans, citrus fruits as well as various kinds of nuts; all these are the important additions which are a must to the diet. The incorporation of iron and calcium is also important, for it supports the mother to be enriched with enough minerals and vitamins. There are some of the prenatal vitamins that increase the nausea so whatever you consume, please consult with the physician before you do so.
Pregnancy is a natural process so try and enjoy each of the moments of it. The vitamins and mineral give the back end support to the mothers for having a successful pregnancy along with the birth of a healthy child. Prepare your body to support all round foetal development.

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