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Pregnancy symptoms – Are You Pregnant

Every woman dreams of being a mother one day. This is believed to give a sense of completeness to a woman’s life and is thus a much cherished aspiration. Pregnancy is as much a task of responsibility and care as is a feeling of serene happiness. A woman who is about to start on a journey of nearly ten months of carrying a child within her needs to be mentally and emotionally stable while being physically secure for the same. This calls for an early detection of pregnancy symptoms that will allow you to take utmost care and protection in the days to come. Various symptoms will give you timely hints on the changing conditions of your physical state; at the same time you have be cautious to note as quickly as possible.

Pregnancy symptoms - Are You Pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms - Are You Pregnant

Here are some easy to note pregnancy symptoms.

Missed Period

There are several reasons that can be responsible for a missed period. However pregnancy could be definitely one of them. So it is important that you take note of this change if you experience one.

Food Cravings

You will suddenly develop different kinds of food cravings. There will be an unusual appetite as well. If this is occurs after you miss your period it is important that you check.

Nausea and Vomiting

Perhaps these two pregnancy symptoms have always been held as wake up calls. This is also sometimes accompanied by a state of physical discomfort and unrest for no apparent reason. Morning sickness is a common symptom among pregnant women when they feel like vomiting and nausea in the early hours after waking.

Mood Swings

Pregnancy can also usher sudden mood changes in you. You may feel depressed and less enthusiastic about things in life which can be a result of physical fatigue as well.

Changes in Breast Looks

Breasts undergo a few changes in their tissues at this stage and are one of the pregnancy symptoms that you should look out for. These are extremely soft to the touch and can also feel painful at times.

Frequent Urination

You may be suddenly urinating more often than usual. In fact this early stage pregnancy symptom needs to be taken seriously and verified.

Unplanned Pregnancy : Should you avoid it?

An unplanned pregnancy is a situation that can change the course of your life although you should not try to avoid it if you are trying to defer your pregnancy because of futile reasons. Women should realize that the first pregnancy should occur within the age of 30 and there should be a gap of two to three years before you are pregnant again. Therefore, if you discover that you are pregnant while you are still breastfeeding your 6 month old baby, it is bad enough for you as well as the baby. Infants require the tender care and attention of the mother till they are three to five years of age.

 Unplanned Pregnancy - Should you avoid it?

Unplanned Pregnancy – Should you avoid it?

A sudden pregnancy during the period of breastfeeding an infant is something that should be largely avoided because it is detrimental to the health of the mother as the body is not yet prepared to nurture another baby. As a result of an unplanned pregnancy, you may also have to take extra financial burden for which you may not be prepared. On the other hand, this situation is common nowadays among the young generation or college going crowd owing to the prevalence of pre marital sex. In cases like this, the pregnant woman is most likely to consider an abortion. However, abortion should be completed within the first three months of pregnancy, which can otherwise prove fatal for a woman.
Another cause of unplanned pregnancy is a lack of awareness about using contraceptives. While condoms are more frequently used to prevent pregnancy, women also prefer to use pills. In situations of undesired pregnancy, you should try the emergency contraceptive pills to avert the situation. These emergency pills should however, be consumed within a period of 72 hours to get the desired results. This emergency pill consists of a hormone called levonorgestrel that prevents the impregnation of the egg in the uterus and prevents pregnancy. However, these pills should never be used as regular contraceptive method.
A sudden pregnancy can arise due to unprotected intercourse or forced sex, but you can always try to get rid of this situation by opting for appropriate methods of prevention.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms – Facts to Remember

Ectopic pregnancy

is a condition of a complicated pregnancy. In this condition there is an embryo implantation out of the uterine cavity. They are potential health risks for the mother and are in most cases terminated under compulsion. Very few cases of this type of pregnancy have successfully resulted in childbirth. In some cases there are internal bleeding caused which may prove to be fatal for the mother. In most instances of ectopic pregnancy there is an implantation within the fallopian tube that also gives it the name of tubal pregnancy. However similar implants can also be seen in the abdomen, the ovaries and the cervix.
Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms – Facts to Remember

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms – Facts to Remember


It is vital that ectopic pregnancy Symptoms are noticed early so that curative measures can be taken. There are few to no early symptoms of this pregnancy that can be of specific aid to a patient and their families. Clinically this can be detected not before 7 weeks of pregnancy stage.

Here are some of the possible symptoms in earlier stages.

  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal inflammations accompanied with severe to chronic pain
  • Pain in shoulder and pelvis regions accompanied with occasional cramps
  • Urinating and bowel difficulties accompanied with pain
  • Bleeding from the vagina (not to be confused with menstrual bleeding)

An early prognosis is important and crucial for safeguarding the health of a mother to be. There may be internal hemorrhage caused which may lead to death of the mother as well. The condition may lead to a pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in case of future attempts at motherhood. Thus early detection of the same can give parents an option to consider and understand the after-effects of the situation carefully and cautiously.

Early treatments include a form of abortion that however avoids the surgical procedure. This treatment is called Methotrexate. The growth of the child is prevented and the tissues of the same are ejected from the body in course of the following menstrual period. In case of an advanced stage where hemorrhage starts within the body there is no alternative to surgical methods.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms – For Enhanced Care and Protection

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

For Enhanced Care and Protection

Pregnancy is always a news of great happiness and joy. This is true not just for an expecting mother but for families and the partners as well. However this is also a news which carried inherent responsibilities with it from the very start. This is only the beginning of a long journey of care and protection that you have to extend for your child. To that end in view we also feel that the sooner you come to know of a confirmed pregnancy report you will be able to take necessary precautions and care to ensure good health and development of your child.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms - For Enhanced Care and Protection

Early Pregnancy Symptoms - For Enhanced Care and Protection

Several pregnancy symptoms are seen in various stages after you have conceived. For all those of you who are planning for a baby would find these symptoms very useful with which they can easily detect signs and even opt for an early medical consultation or a complete test.

Missed Period – This is the foremost sign of a possible early pregnancy. You may or may not be planning to conceive but always ensure that you get yourself checked eve with the miss of a single period. You may be pregnant and unknowingly harm yourself.

Breasts – A woman may suddenly experience tenderness in their breasts accompanied by a slow and gradually increasing pain on them as well. This should not be ignored at any stage.

Mood Changes – Pregnancy will bring with it sudden bouts of mood swings that will come and go. You may experience certain mental unrests coupled with physical discomfiture and fatigue. Instead of avoiding this change go for a checkup. It may be an early sign of pregnancy.

Nausea and Fainting Fits – You may experience sudden dizziness and fainting fits along with nauseating pangs. Always check if this happens more than twice. You can also go for a home checkup.

Increased Appetite – If you are finding increased appetite in eating more than usual there is a reason to check. Also during these times women have inclinations for food and items that they have never tasted before or even wanted to.

Nowadays with a host of home checking devices you can opt for anytime detection of pregnancy. This can be an easy and quicker means of pregnancy detection.