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Unplanned Pregnancy : Should you avoid it?

An unplanned pregnancy is a situation that can change the course of your life although you should not try to avoid it if you are trying to defer your pregnancy because of futile reasons. Women should realize that the first pregnancy should occur within the age of 30 and there should be a gap of two to three years before you are pregnant again. Therefore, if you discover that you are pregnant while you are still breastfeeding your 6 month old baby, it is bad enough for you as well as the baby. Infants require the tender care and attention of the mother till they are three to five years of age.

 Unplanned Pregnancy - Should you avoid it?

Unplanned Pregnancy – Should you avoid it?

A sudden pregnancy during the period of breastfeeding an infant is something that should be largely avoided because it is detrimental to the health of the mother as the body is not yet prepared to nurture another baby. As a result of an unplanned pregnancy, you may also have to take extra financial burden for which you may not be prepared. On the other hand, this situation is common nowadays among the young generation or college going crowd owing to the prevalence of pre marital sex. In cases like this, the pregnant woman is most likely to consider an abortion. However, abortion should be completed within the first three months of pregnancy, which can otherwise prove fatal for a woman.
Another cause of unplanned pregnancy is a lack of awareness about using contraceptives. While condoms are more frequently used to prevent pregnancy, women also prefer to use pills. In situations of undesired pregnancy, you should try the emergency contraceptive pills to avert the situation. These emergency pills should however, be consumed within a period of 72 hours to get the desired results. This emergency pill consists of a hormone called levonorgestrel that prevents the impregnation of the egg in the uterus and prevents pregnancy. However, these pills should never be used as regular contraceptive method.
A sudden pregnancy can arise due to unprotected intercourse or forced sex, but you can always try to get rid of this situation by opting for appropriate methods of prevention.