Weekly Progress and Advanced Stages of Pregnancy

The confirmation of a pregnancy test followed by medical tests and reports will set you on a long journey of a mother to be. This is often termed as a second life of a woman when she is reborn as a mother to her child. Several developments will take place within your physical and mental state of health in preparation of the coming weeks of pregnancy. In the following stages with each new week, there will be a phase of new growth with newer manifestations and symptoms of confirmed motherhood. You can wake up to them or even read ahead of time so that you are in complete preparation of these in your mind.
Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy week by week

Some of these changes will be unpleasant and difficult to bear at first. There is pain and basic discomfort of the body leading to a restless mind. You need to remind yourself at these times of the hormonal changes that are taking place and the developments going on within the system of your baby. The initial days of your pregnancy are also one of the most crucial periods when you need to take special care of your diet and mental health. The effects of these will have a direct effect on the baby as well. This is a formative period when development is fast and thus needs to be consolidated with proper diet and rest as well.
A weekly synopsis of pregnancy week by week will help in a better understanding of the growth of the baby at various stages. This is also accompanied by details of the changes seen in the mother to be – physically, mentally and emotionally. Special care of physical state of health and medication will have to be maintained; also important will be regular medical checkups and consultations with the doctor to ensure perfect health. It may also be noted here that each woman is special and unique with her own characteristics of changes and manifestations. No such development should be ignored at any point of time even if they are rare or have not been heard before. Doctors should be consulted at the earliest with complete tests and prognosis for satisfactory results and a confirmed understanding of such conditions.

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