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Pregnancy symptoms – Are You Pregnant

Every woman dreams of being a mother one day. This is believed to give a sense of completeness to a woman’s life and is thus a much cherished aspiration. Pregnancy is as much a task of responsibility and care as is a feeling of serene happiness. A woman who is about to start on a journey of nearly ten months of carrying a child within her needs to be mentally and emotionally stable while being physically secure for the same. This calls for an early detection of pregnancy symptoms that will allow you to take utmost care and protection in the days to come. Various symptoms will give you timely hints on the changing conditions of your physical state; at the same time you have be cautious to note as quickly as possible.

Pregnancy symptoms - Are You Pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms - Are You Pregnant

Here are some easy to note pregnancy symptoms.

Missed Period

There are several reasons that can be responsible for a missed period. However pregnancy could be definitely one of them. So it is important that you take note of this change if you experience one.

Food Cravings

You will suddenly develop different kinds of food cravings. There will be an unusual appetite as well. If this is occurs after you miss your period it is important that you check.

Nausea and Vomiting

Perhaps these two pregnancy symptoms have always been held as wake up calls. This is also sometimes accompanied by a state of physical discomfort and unrest for no apparent reason. Morning sickness is a common symptom among pregnant women when they feel like vomiting and nausea in the early hours after waking.

Mood Swings

Pregnancy can also usher sudden mood changes in you. You may feel depressed and less enthusiastic about things in life which can be a result of physical fatigue as well.

Changes in Breast Looks

Breasts undergo a few changes in their tissues at this stage and are one of the pregnancy symptoms that you should look out for. These are extremely soft to the touch and can also feel painful at times.

Frequent Urination

You may be suddenly urinating more often than usual. In fact this early stage pregnancy symptom needs to be taken seriously and verified.

Make Use of The Pregnancy Calculator To Know The Due Dates

In the recent days,

the popularity of pregnancy calculator has increased to a tremendous extent. There are many women who make use of these calculators to calculate the due dates of their babies. However, there are many women who do not know how to calculate, and this is the reason for which reference to the calculator is greatly beneficial. If you are a woman who has conceived, you might want to know the due dates of delivery. This is very simple, and you would just have to follow few simple things through which you would be able to make the calculation.

When the baby arrives, there are several key dates that you would have to keep in mind. In the pregnancy calculator, you would have to enter the first day and the last day of your menstrual period and accordingly you would leave it for calculation by clicking on the calculate button. The main problem is that many people are confused about the dates, and they end up making a wrong calculation.

By keeping a track of few key dates, calculation can easily be done. Accordingly, you would get the week by week calculation the pregnancy calculator offered by this site is also very helpful. You would understand when you are in your first trimester which is approximately about two weeks before the next period. You would also know the period when you have the most risks, which is generally 5 to 10 weeks of the stage of gestation. Following this, you would also know the formation of different organs of your baby in accordance with the dates, which can really prove to be exciting for you.

In fact, whether it is the second trimester week, or the third or the due date of the pregnancy, it is true that you would come to know about everything that is taking place in this phase of pregnancy with the help of the pregnancy calculator. Therefore, if you have not started using the calculator even if you have conceived few months back, it is still time that you take the reference of the calculator to know the dates.

Hypertension and Pregnancy: What should you know?

Pregnancy induced hypertension is also called preeclampsia, and it is a major cause of concern for expecting mothers particularly for the development of the fetus, and for avoiding major health complications during this time. A major cause of this condition is obesity that is often noticed in women nowadays and the first thing that should be avoided during pregnancy. The other factors that can lead to hypertension during pregnancy are diabetes, kidney disorders or conditions like lupus where the immune system of the body becomes more active than normal. Increased blood pressure can lead to protein deposition in urine and other complications like edema where water accumulates in different parts of the body.
Therefore, pregnancy induced hypertension and the complications related to this can be fatal at times if not controlled properly during pregnancy. Those women who are diagnosed with chronic hypertension should follow doctor’s advice and engage in prescribed physical activities such as yoga that is known as a conventional stress reliever and enhances sleep. However, some women may suddenly suffer from high blood pressure during this time. In this situation, blood pressure keeps fluctuating, which is detrimental for the child and the mother. If this condition is not treated and controlled within the time, it may lead to permanent damages in the newly developed fetus and the organs of the mother particularly brain and kidneys.

Hypertension pregnancy

Hypertension pregnancy

In some cases, there might arise a need for premature delivery in cases of pregnancy induced hypertension because of life threatening conditions where the fetus may die in the mother’s womb. There are several medicines that are administered to control this situation but under emergency conditions where the mother is required to be operated to keep the baby safe. If you are planning the arrival of a new one in your family, you should try to get more information about this condition or the health complications that may lead to hypertension. Beside this, they should also seek knowledge about the ways in which to prevent the occurrence of hypertension.
Changes in lifestyle and dietary habits should also be incorporated by women who are planning their pregnancy, and they should try to keep a check on their weight to prevent hypertension and an uneventful pregnancy.

Diabetes pregnancy

The Gestational Diabetes Can be a Source of Concern

Many of the pregnant women are affected by the gestational diabetes. All people have their natural flow of insulin within their body which helps in, the normal metabolic functions of their body. During pregnancy, due to the large flow of hormones, the natural secretion of insulin is affected. This results in the occurrence of the gestational diabetes. The mother may need an external supply of insulin during the pregnancy. There are hormones which get involved within the placental growth, and this can actually block the hormonal growth of the pregnant mother. Due to the insulin resistance body can seldom secrete insulin through the natural process.
Pregnancy diabetes

Pregnacy diabetes

In the initial stages, the gestational diabetes do not affect the mother or the child’s health, but it takes a toll especially in the last trimester when the foetal growth is maximum. Insulin is then unable to cross the placenta like the other nutrients. If there is an extra glucose flow within the placenta, it can even lead to the problem of diabetes in foetus. When the energy level goes high in the baby than it is actually required, it accumulates fat in the infant’s body. This excess accumulation of fat in the baby leads to the problem of breathlessness after the baby is born.

The doctors now a day prescribes Glycomet or the other similar type of medicines to patients who have the tendency of gestational diabetes. The women who are on the heavier side of weighing scale are usually recommended taking these medicines. The planned diet, regular walks are advised to the women who have the gestational diabetes. It is an important problem; and therefore, it requires to be tackled in the initial stage, to avoid problem later. The growth of the baby is largely affected due to the diabetes factor. Women with the higher level of gestational diabetes should check their level of sugar in blood regularly in order to avoid any sort of complications.

If the diabetes is uncontrollable, it can even recommend taking the heavy dosage of insulin along with the regular diet. The blood pressures of the patients are also required to be looked after.